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Like most bloggers, I write my blog because I am passionate about sharing my thoughts with like minded people and hopefully I help people out with product reviews, recommendations and money saving tips.

Sometimes companies contact me and ask if I will try out a product, which they send to me for free in return for a review on my blog, this is a little bonus to blogging, I pride myself on being an honest blogger so only take these opportunities up if the product suits my blog and I will always be honest about what I think. But what if you could make a little bit of money writing about brands you like or new brands that suit the genre of your blog…..

writing for money

I saw that Hire Bloggers wanted people to write about their website and contacted them to see what it was all about. Hire bloggers help bloggers connect with the right brands for their blog genre to gain paid work writing, I think this is a fantastic idea as we all would like to earn a few extra pounds now and again!

The guys at Hire Bloggers were really friendly and sent me all of the information I needed to create a post for my readers in my own style of writing, even when I needed a little more information they were more than happy to help out and replied to my emails quickly (you can read my original post here  ).

Then after that I was asked to write another sponsored post about a T-Shirt website, my blog is predominately beauty and lifestyle but the offer that I was promoting was too good not to share with my readers so I then created this post.

After that I got chatting to the guys at Hire Bloggers all about the business and how to gain more exposure so us bloggers can connect with more and more brands, when I was asked if I would help out with their Twitter account, I jumped at the chance and now I am helping promote their website.

Hire Bloggers will be contacting people over the next few weeks and I can see it growing rapidly, it’s a fantastic idea and you know you won’t be contacted to write about washing powder if you write a DIY blog!

Some bloggers don’t agree with being paid for posts but I know the majority of people would like to earn just a little bit for the hard work and love we put into our little corners of the Internet, so why not?

What are you waiting for, apply today!


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Em is a Fashion Blogger in the UK, and an occasional writer for HireBloggers

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