How Do I get Paid?

When you work for an unknown company, the worry always exists whether they will pay you for your work. And as a team that has run hundreds of blogs over the years, and made money off them, we can totally understand the concern. However, it works both ways, how does a business know if the blogger will do the work that they promised?


It’s a Mexican Standoff. However, we have already started working with a number of bloggers, and most of them come to us via word of mouth or referral. In addition, clients pay us in advance, which means we hold the funds, not the client. So you should be quite confident that we are already working with bloggers and paying them. But to make it fairer, we have devised a three step relationship building exercise:

Step 1

We work together on one – three projects. The fee would be payable after the job is completed. It’s a relationship building exercise, and these would be low value jobs (but still within your acceptable price per word!). This would help us build mutual trust, and allow us to judge the quality of your work, the speed at which it is delivered (slow isn’t bad!), and the clients reaction to the work.

Step 2

We trust you a bit more – the next 2-3 jobs, we would happily pay you between 20-30% of the fee UPFRONT. This is to gain your trust further, and to show you that we care about bloggers. We don’t want to hold on to money that would be yours anyway once you complete the job. These would be mid value job sizes.

Step 3

We have a good working relationship. And at this point, we would happily pay up to 50-75% upfront. At least 50% if the quoted job is high in value. This is to protect you.  To make sure that you get paid for the work you put into larger jobs, and the time spent.

These simple steps of building a relationship is how we like to work. We like to open and clear to our bloggers. Just like the way we would like them to be honest and upfront with us.


How Do I get paid?

We use paypal exclusively to make payments where a cash amount has been agreed. If you don’t use pay pal, we would not be able to work with you at this moment.