Making Money From Your Blog

Make Money Blogging

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This is mostly relevant to people who blog a lot, have a few of their own websites or are interested in hosting websites. Even if you’re none of the above, but are interested in learning how to make money from a website, you can still carry on reading and give it a try yourself.

These days, almost everyone is blogging or has a website about the most random things on the internet. With purchasing and hosting domain names being so cheap, or even free, why not?

Once you have a website up and running, it is really simple to start earning money in various ways. You can host adverts on your page and get paid every time someone simply clicks on the ad (pop ups finally make sense don’t they?).

But fear not, these ads won’t deter viewers from your website or spam them; you can make these ads relative to your website. An example is if your website is about DIY arts and crafts, the adverts can be external links to buying DIY tools or arts and crafts equipment.

So people who view the website have a source to buy materials after learning how to make something, simultaneously, you’re getting paid! It’s a win win situation.

Another way of going about this is by becoming an affiliate for certain companies, who pay you based on commission or leads. So you can be blogging about fashion, and have a link to buying the item from your website. A lot of people are already making huge amounts of money from websites, so don’t carry on waiting, start making money today.

For a full view on other ways in which websites can make money, see our guide.

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